Photonic Intercept Tradecraft - Course Topics

Directed Energy Training​

For the TSCM Professional

​Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Training for Photonic Intercepts

  • Evaluation Criteria for Intercept Placement
  • Photonic Intercept Tradecraft Toolkit
  • Content Acquisition Evaluation Analysis
  • Logical vs. Physical Redirection 
  • Physical Intercept Techniques
  • Planning Beam Splitter Insertion
  • Determining Which Strands are Lit
  • Photon Flow Direction
  • Midspan Cable Entry Techniques
  • Determining Availability of Dark Fibers for Physical Redirection to Alternate Geographical Location
  • Logical Techniques
  • Assessing the Logical Environment
  • Understanding Port Mirroring
  • Evaluating the Use of Additional Electronics vs. Reconfiguring Target Equipment
  • Installation Planning
  • Provisioning the Intercept
  • Offensive Photonic Intercept Disruption Operations
  • ​Defensive Photonic Intercept Operations
  • ​Lab